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Tom Sarro

Tom Sarro

Tom’s diverse and extensive 32 year leadership background in Fortune 100 companies has been instrumental in shaping his passion and skill at developing leaders, building high performing teams, and delivering outstanding results. Having led organizations in Customer Service, Operations Technology, Mail Pharmacy Operations, Clinical Pharmacy Operations, Corporate Real Estate, web-enabled Internet Sales, and many high profile cross-company projects and initiatives, Tom gained a grounded perspective on what challenges and opportunities exist for both leadership and frontline operations teams.

Throughout his career with companies like Southwestern Bell, AT&T, Caremark,, and finally CVS, he has generated great success in organizations by investing and leveraging the talent that comes from within the team. A Passion, a Plan, and most importantly People, make all the difference in delivering sustainable excellent results in the high pressured ever changing business environment of today. Coaching “Talent” and driving “Strategic Operations Improvement Initiatives” have become two of the pillars of Tom’s success in his many roles in business. That passion and skill, along with his experience and knowledge in Operations has now come to pass in the founding of TSarro & Associates.

In the past few years, life has thrown some challenge in Tom’s direction on the family front, as his wife of 27 years was diagnosed with Cancer. After battling for many months, Elaine lost her fight with the disease in the summer of 2013. Tom left the corporate setting as Senior Vice President of Operations prior to his wife’s passing in order to care for his wife and kids, as well as himself along the way. Together with Ryan his 16 year old son, and Kristina his 13 year old daughter, he began a new journey forward centered on “Living Life” and engaging in those things that mean the most to each of them. As a result, Tom has taken thoughtful focused steps towards a future that allows him to impact people and business in a manner that plays to areas of true passion.

Today, Tom is combining his vast background in business operations leadership along with his Coaching Certification, to form an offering through TSarro & Associates that can help your Business, and your People achieve great success.


Yollie Pascarella

Yollie Pascarella

Yollie Pascarella is an industry veteran, with proven success in driving high-level business performance. Her specialties include her infectious energy and solid reputation for building brands, teams, relationships, and innovative cultures. She embraces change and thrives on emerging businesses that are transforming.

Yollie is a results-oriented, innovative, and entrepreneurial leader with 20 years proven experience driving strategy, building relationships, and delivering results. Skilled at quickly learning the business, analyzing goals, creating and executing strategies and providing recommendations and alternatives for “big picture” initiatives. She has a proven track record of successfully leading multiple teams, re-engineering turnarounds for under-performing operations, and consistently delivering results that exceed expectations. Additionally, Yollie possesses a unique client insight that enables her to deliver best-in-class client and customer experience.

While Yollie spent 17 years of her working life in Dallas, she is a San Antonio native. She holds an MBA in Marketing, BS in Professional Development and completed advanced courses at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.

Yollie spent most of her career at AT&T, where she held numerous leadership positions. At the core of her experience is 30 years in various marketing roles at Southwestern Bell, SBC, and AT&T, where she was involved in everything from brand awareness to targeted marketing of specific goods and services to specific customer segments. Upon leaving AT&T, Yollie assumed the lead marketing positions in a number of companies including Globalscape, Alorica, and Transcom. She currently provides consulting services for organizations in higher education, non-profit, various small businesses, and teaches a capstone marketing course at UTSA.

Ann Gillespie

Ann Gillespie

Ann Gillespie has extensive leadership and process experience in consulting, production and strategic environments.  A lawyer by training, Ann leveraged her legal experience as she moved into business consulting and management roles with Fortune 500 companies in the health care and insurance industries.

Ann has held roles ranging from leading process improvement projects as a certified Black Belt in Six Sigma to directing a large production facility for a Fortune 100 company.  Her work in this area has left an impressive footprint with many large corporate clients, customers, and internal colleagues alike.  Ann has developed a knack for walking into very complex challenges and taking a process oriented and methodical approach to simplifying the work, the priority, and the people’s needs, and securing amazing final results. Throughout her career, she has developed highly-productive large and small teams in start-up, merger integration, turnaround, and steady-state environments.

Ann’s passion for coaching and developing talent lead to certification in the Steinbrecher ROI Coaching Model.  Her diverse experience enables her to bring a unique perspective, synthesizing complex situations into coherent strategic and tactical action plans.  On her personal time Ann enjoys travel, fine wine, politics and theatre.

Dan Davied

Dan Davied

Dan Davied has over 30 years of experience in Business Strategy, Marketing, Finance, and Operation. He extensive leadership experience ranges from Vice President to Executive Director Positions.  He currently serves as the Director of Graduate Business Programs and Senior Lecturer at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA).

Dan has directed teams which were responsible for business strategy, financial modeling, marketing operations, project management, digital marketing, call center operations, and quality-program development. He specializes in analyzing market opportunities for organizations and creating strategies to achieve and exceed goals.

Prior to UTSA, Mr. Dan worked at AT&T as the Executive Director for Consumer Home & Mobility Services where he led a team of over 800 employees and contractors that developed and launched a new line of business for AT&T. In this role, he successfully transformed a cost center into a profit center and grew the new business from a start-up activity to over $300M annual revenues.

Dan has also directed teams that were responsible for defining corporate vision, strategy, and managed a $500M capital program to select and drive strategic projects.  At UTSA, he was instrumental in the launch of two new master-degree programs which exceeded targeted enrollment in the first year.

Dan’s education is equally broad. He has a Ph.D. in Marketing with a minor in Management, a MBA degree with an emphasis in Finance, and an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering Technology.

Dan is married – celebrated their 30-year anniversary last year – and have four children, two of which are in college and two are starting their own careers. His philosophy on life is “Be PROUD of what you have done…But DREAM about what is possible.” While we may reflect on the past, our focus should be on continuous improvement.

Lance Adams

Lance Adams

Lance Adams is a seasoned executive with nearly 30 years’ experience in Health Care, Finance and Retail. As a former Senior Vice President at both Fidelity Investments and CVS Caremark, Lance has transformed and overseen the strategic and operational elements of these industry leading organizations. Managing national staffs of up to 10,000 colleagues and budgets of $900 million, he understands how to lead, manage, and improve all aspects of large organizations.

For the past few years, Lance has consulted and served on the faculty in an MBA program.  Having worked his way up from the front line, he also recognizes and appreciates the challenges of all levels of both support and line management.

Lance holds a B.S. from Western Illinois University and an M.B.A. from Loyola University of Chicago. Outside of work, Lance enjoys music, hockey, running, and travel.

Why Choose Us?

•   If you or your Leadership Team are struggling to find your way out of too many priorities, fire-drills, challenging Budgets, and even more challenge in getting the desired results, WE CAN HELP!  Not only can we custom build a plan unique to a leader, we can build one from the ground up that is specific to your environment, your team, and your challenges!  It’s not just a process, it’s years of experience sitting in the same chair you’re in, which helps us take a pragmatic approach to your change and real outcomes.

   If you’re at a crossroads in your career, where you have finally arrived in a role that you have worked years to attain, yet you feel like something is still missing.  If you feel you are getting results, but not the satisfaction that should come with that accomplishment. That you are more interested in leaving a legacy or an imprint now, versus just hitting the numbers? WE HAVE BEEN THERE!  In our custom designed to you Coaching Engagements, we can help you dig deep in order to gain clarity on where you are, where you want to go, and how to embrace the challenges of today. Our goal is to help you create a path forward that fits your passions and goals at work, and in your life.

•   If you and your team are looking to create a more streamline approach to your day to day business challenges, to generate more sustainable positive results, to engage your people in a manner which generates positive momentum which builds upon itself, and you’re trying your best to think forward and think strategically, WE HAVE DONE THAT!  We can integrate individual coaching with operational consulting in order to generate a powerful, logical, and sustainable plan.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: Leaders enabled to deliver Transformational Results through PEOPLE in Work and Life for generations to come

Mission: To deliver a pragmatic and effective support solution to Leaders who are dedicated to developing the best version of their business and/or themselves.